January 30, 2020
ASP.NET Identity Added

Added login feature to the site. The new login uses ASP.NET Identity which is the preferred method over using Forms Authentication. The new identity feature utilizes Entity Framework 6 to handle profile data storage. ASP.NET Identity uses Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN).

Updated the Applications area with a new user interface allowing for selection of samples using a list and drop downs dynamically shown as choices are made.

My next project is to add samples of online input forms. I wanted the identity feature to be in place first to help avoid uncontrolled submission of data from the forms. While it won't prevent it, it will be more difficult for this to happen by automatic methods.

January 24, 2020
Identity Authentication In The Works

Working on adding Identity Authentication to this site

January 17, 2020
SQL Server 2017 Database In Azure

I have created an SQL Server 2017 database in Azure. As time permits, I will produce a YouTube video showing the steps I followed to create the database and how I tested my access to it using MS Sql Server Management Studio. I have also been able to send and receive information to it from a WPF application.