Robert G Marquez

You can learn a great deal about my technical skills if you visit my LinkedIn profile. However, since you are already here, I will provide some information on this page which may not be on the LinkedIn page.

I am currently a .NET Developer who enjoys developing applications for PC desktops using WinForms or WPF/XAML technology. My favorite programming language for .NET development is C# but I have done some work in the past with Visual Basic .NET, C/C++, and Delphi. I am experienced in developing both utility and application software using .NET Framework communicating with SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014. Other technologies I have used to send and receive data from desktop applications have included local databases like SQLite as well as communication with remote web services (WCF and Web API), Active Directory, file servers, and ftp servers. I have used a 3rd party tool on some projects called DevExpress for enhanced graphical user interfaces.

I would like an opportunity to build mobile device applications. To prepare for mobile development, I am currently taking online courses in XAMARIN. I believe moving from desktop development to mobile devices is a logical progression.

Other than developing solutions for Desktops, I also have some limited experience building web based solutions which includes ASP.NET MVC 5 as well as ASP.NET Web Forms. To keep up on web technology, I have started rebuilding this website in ASP.NET MVC 5 and later to ASP.NET Core. I have also built web services in the past using WCF and Web API communicating with both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Although building applications is something I like, it is not the only activity I have experience working on in my career. I have performed the role of business analyst to meet with client organizations and all levels of personnel consisting of end users, developers, support staff, security teams, product vendors, offshore staffing representatives and management to name a few.

I also have many hours experience producing various forms of documentation for projects which include user guides and technical documents containing UML (activity diagrams and use case diagrams).

Another area I have worked in is the activity of creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports. I have used SSRS to create web based reports which could be run from web pages. In regards to Crystal Reports I have used it as a reporting engine for desktop applications.

The last technical area of work I'd like to mention is the activity of data transformations. I have had the opportunity to take data from one database such as MS Access and convert its tables to run on SQL Server and Oracle. The transformations were mainly the creations of new database table columns involving combining or dropping data from the source as it was reassembled into new forms on the target database. In this area I have performed many tasks taking raw data from various sources such as XML, Active Directory, web services, text files, Excel Sheets, etc. and writing a custom program to read, convert, and write the data to a database such as Oracle.